About Us

When 1CarbonTech was founded, we had one goal in mind—to be innovators in the composites industry.  Today, more than 15 years later, we’re proud to have a long history of repeatedly reaching that goal, through our continual development of innovative manufacturing processes of super carbon fiber parts.  Our continual drive to innovate still motivates us today, helping us to remain leaders in our field.

As a family-owned and operated business, we know what our customers want—quality that delivers.  We aren’t interested in empty promises; we simply deliver our customers incredibly high-quality parts in a timely fashion.  Our team consists of top technicians in the field, using their expertise to create the very best products.

Our process:

Each of our parts goes through our signature line of processes which includes: 

  1. Linear Dimension Pattern Layer Process
    Through this process, carbon fiber weaves are aligned, allowing for a perfectly straight-looking carbon fiber piece.  While most companies produce products with weave distortions and unevenness, we believe that each part should look good cosmetically.

  2. Transfer Vacuum Infusion Process (T-VIP)
    We have perfected our resin-transferring methods to a fine degree, utilizing them differently according to a part’s weight and size.  With this part-specific treatment process, a particular part only absorbs the precise amount of needed resins, making it a perfectly even weight.  Thanks to our premiere process, parts never absorb excessive resins which can result in uneven weight distribution.

  3. Hybrids / Colors Process
    Together with our Linear Dimension Pattern Layer Process, we have created a new breed of carbon parts.  We can generate a windscreen in a full carbon color which is black, a full Kevlar colored part, or a combination of both carbon and Kevlar.  We are the only manufacturer in the world producing these unique colored hybrid parts, constructing a composites fabric combination of carbon fiber and colored Kevlar. 

  4. Three-stage Finish Buffed Process
    Each part we produce is buffed and glossed three times.  While conventional, clear-coated parts are buffed only once, we use a special UV-protected clear-coat and cover the part three times.  Our superior clear-coat is scratch-resistant and maintains its clear glossiness longer than standard clear-coats.

All parts are treated in our high-temperature ovens, ensuring that they can withstand high-heat applications as well as UV rays.  Finally, each part is inspected thoroughly before it is shipped.  Since customer satisfaction is our primary priority, no part is shipped out unless it passes our intense levels of scrutiny.

As every part we produce goes through our signature line of processes, you can rest assured that any part you order from us will look and perform excellently.